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PetralieJo Wurtz
 Senior PetralieJo Wurtz has not just an interesting name, but an interesting life story. Adopted when he was two years old, Wurtz  left his orphanage in Russia to start a great adventure with his new family in the United States; which is something that he is excited about even to this day.

    Wurtz is a passionate photographer who likes to walk around and capture the movement in his surroundings with an explorer soul. His favorite types of photography are nature, night, travel, modeling, portrait, events, vintage theme and wildlife photography. During his free time, he enjoys listening to many types of music, such as jazz, electronic dance music, and sometimes classic rock and roll. Other activities he enjoys are letting his energy out by jogging or biking through his neighborhood, and exploring the Lake of the Ozarks on a kayak or a paddle board. Others hobbies are collecting vintage antiques, crystal rocks, paintings, and artifacts from around the world. 

   He has been serving as a staff writer and photographer for The Wildcat for three years, since his sophomore year. He delivers bold pictures that reveal he is not afraid of going to unusual spots to get the perfect framing. For his senior year, Wurtz was chosen to be the staff photo editor, and he’s excited to help others to capture the understanding of photography and prepared to face whatever challenges will come in his way for his last year. 

   Wurtz claims, with a smile on his face, that he has no fears, just a lot of dreams. He plans on attending college, either College of the Ozarks or University of Central Missouri, after graduating from high school. He plans to study law in college and join the Missouri State Highway Patrol. He is also interested in studying aviation and becoming a pilot during his college years.  

PetralieJo Wurtz, Photo Editor

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PetralieJo Wurtz