Students take on new roles, challenges as they embark upon a new school year

Counselor Tyler Richardson helps junior Taylor Spry work out her schedule.

   The first day of school began with the annual assembly and the changing of seats as the students of Warsaw High School transitioned into the next grade the 8th graders were officially inducted into the school as freshmen.

   “It feels really good to go from middle school to high school because it’s a new start,” freshman Madelyn Mosley said.

   “It meant a lot to move to the senior bleachers because it seems like it took forever to get there and we’re finally there,” Senior Class President Becky Petesch said.

   After a long summer, some students find it difficult to prepare for the return of school.

   “I wasn’t really ready for school until a few days before it started, but the first week went by fairly fast.” freshman Cody Parks said. “I’m not really looking forward to any classes, except Freshmen P.E., I like Freshmen P.E.”

   While the Class of 2023 started their first year of high school, the Class of 2020 prepared for their final year at WHS.

   Petesch’s advice to the Senior Class is: “Stick to it, there are always going to be times when you feel you want to quit and drop out but just stick to it. Push through and make sure you have those high grades so you don’t have to worry about not graduating.”

   To the underclassmen she has this to say: “Get involved, everybody says that but it’s really the truth. You’ll have a much more enjoyable experience in high school if you get involved, try hard, and don’t give up.”