Classroom snacks cause distraction, promote unhealthy habits

Snacks can be used as an motivation for students, they can also cause an distraction, a messy environment, and can be unhealthy.
Some students constantly have food stashed in backpacks to pull out at any time for those snacking emergencies and the school even provides a snack each day during seventh hour.
When students have full bellies, they will have better concentration for learning in class, said Bailey Michalec from Dobie News, a student produced website. “This is an issue because you are paying more attention to how hungry you are, and not about the lesson you are learning during class,” Michalec wrote.
However, those who snack to stay full and focused are also causing distraction and lack of focus in class.
According to a Livestrong article, “How Does Foods in Class Affect Children in School,” students have no respect for their class peers when eating, for example, school staff and classmates can get irritated when the food is exposed in the classroom.
“This is another reason schools tend to outlaw classroom eating. The smells of certain foods may bother some students, or amplify hunger pangs in other, snacks-less students. Moreover, eating in class can create messes and disrupt the learning process,” the article states.
I do understand that sitting in class for hours of the day can be very tiring, but when students eat for energy and to relieve stress they will sometimes eat the wrong types of foods, such as bags of chips, candy, brownies, cookies, energy drinks and etc. This could actually backfire, causing decreased energy.
According to Our Everyday Life website, “Are Snacks During Class Bad?” eating unhealthy foods that cause high sugar rush can lead to crash in the student’s energy level. “The types of snacks that your child eats is a factor in whether snacks during class are good or bad. Junk foods snacks, such as chips or candy, may provide an initial boost of energy but can cause an energy crash later on.” These can also promote bad eating habits.
While snacking in class seems like a good idea some of the time, it has become too commonplace.