The Wildcat

Social media increases pressure, opportunity for teens to date

Rheanna Coke, Editor-in-chief

February 18, 2020

   Adolescent love is an overbearing social norm that has always existed. It is this pressure to find a boyfriend/girlfriend in high school that is taking over not only the high school experience but the teen years in general....

Vaping more prevalent at WHS

Rheanna Coke, Editor-in-chief

December 20, 2019

   Although things like e-cigarettes have been around for decades, it is no surprise that the rate of teens vaping has risen tremendously throughout recent years. Walking through the halls and not seeing a teen on the high o...

Students recognize advantages and disadvantages to small schools and towns

Rheanna Coke, Editor-in-chief

November 14, 2019

The impact of growing up in a small town and attending a small, rural high school has its pros and cons. Some people may be oblivious to the fact that they are offered fewer opportunities because the small town of Warsaw is all...

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