Softball team plays first season since last year’s COVID cancellation

Junior catcher Taylor Howe prepares to throw the ball back during the softball game against Climax Springs on March 29. Warsaw won with a score of 15-0.

   Athletes often feel stressed, or underconfident with themselves when joining a new team. On the WHS softball team, new team members work hard to adjust to the new season and use upperclassmen players as role models since last year’s COVID cancellation. 

   “My confidence level is high and low, a lot of the girls are new this year and so they might not be as confident,” junior first baseman Karlie Jones said.

   “I think one of the best role models on our team is Kylee Fajen. She’s always positive and an all around great team member,” freshman catcher Lovlie Haidusek said. 

   “My confidence level is getting better. We have a lot of young, inexperienced players,” head softball coach Steve Larson said. “I have several that are working very hard and my seniors are setting a good example.” 

   “I love the game. I feel like I play a big role just by being a senior and since I was young I’ve always had a love and passion for it,” senior outfielder Aspen Whitaker said. 

   The WHS team practices Monday through Friday typically from 4 to 6 at Bledsoe Ferry Park.

   With hard work and dedication every player on the team can work through all of the struggles and ultimately overcome any challenges that stand in their way. The season has changed from playing in fall to now playing in spring, changing the weather conditions completely. Due to recent rainy weather, practices vary from indoors to outdoors and this affects practices since players can only do so much game simulation while they are indoors. 

   “If we are going to reach our potential we’re going to have to work a little harder. It’s harder when some weeks the weather keeps you from going outside,” Larson Said.

   “I think we have a lot of improvement to do but I think we’re doing pretty good with what we have to work with right now,” Whitaker said. 

      Everyone finds their place in softball such as their position or just playing their part as the season goes on. The more work each player puts in overall betters the team. 

   “Karlie made the first homerun of the season and all of the girls are so proud of her, we  celebrate things like this as a team and we love that everyone can be proud of one person and it just be that,”  freshman first baseman Grace Drake said. 

   Many of the Softball players have been playing Softball since childhood, and others played the sport once and found their place back again on a team. Jones has been playing Softball since she was nine years old. Drake played softball in both 5th and 6th grade and is now playing in her freshman year of high school.

   “I enjoy Softball a lot, it’s a fun sport, I am proud to be represented in the WHS team, and I love all of the girls,” Jones said. 

   Drake’s father who played baseball inspired her to play softball. Drake played softball in both fifth and sixth grade, and has decided to return in her Freshman year of high school. 

   “I love softball because it’s more like family than anything and the girls are hilarious,” Drake said. “I am 100% confident in my team, everyone tries their hardest and puts in effort.”               

   The team continues to improve as they work their hardest to win as many games as possible while having fun.

   “Everyone loves to win but it’s also about improving and having fun,” Whitaker said. “Our games have been going good, we lost to Lincoln but we should have won.”

  “Lincoln is the best team we’ve played so far. We still have some really good competition on our schedule as long as we win the games you’re supposed to and then win as many of the fifty fifty games as we can we’ll be alright,” Larson said. 

   The softball team continues to improve and work their hardest to stay in the first spot in their district. On May 4th the team will play against team to determine if the Wildcats will play in the District Championship. 

   “We will continue to work our hardest to stay at the top and work our way to the Championship,” Drake said. 

  Current score is 9-1, The team is very confident with their scores and very proud that they’ve only lost one game out of the season so far.