Student jobs put a crunch on social and school life


Kylee Creach

Junior Megan Mantonya

  As teenagers hit the prime age for job applications, more and more students find themselves with less time and more responsibilities. Being an involved student as well as having a part-time job can bring about many conflicts and consequences. Students often find themselves with less time for academics and social life.

  Junior Megan Mantonya is just one example of the numerous students who meet the conflicts of work and school. Mantonya serves as a carhop at Sonic, where she appreciates the work experience, but still struggles with balancing academics and time management.

  “I miss out on things with my friends, unless I know ahead of time and have to ask off work,” junior Megan Mantonya said.

  Working a job can also affect students academically. This type of pressure can cause stress.

  “It cuts down on homework time,” Mantonya said. “I’m more tired in class because I’m always busy, and work just adds to it.”

  In some cases, juggling both a job and school can have a positive effect on a student’s social life. Both can offer more opportunities to meet new friends and open our social circle. Junior Kinsten Cunningham has this experience with her job as a server at Long Shoal Marina.

  “Sometimes, for me, it’s a good thing because I meet new people every day,” Cunningham said. “I miss out on stuff with my friends, but I potentially make more friends at work.”

  Students think that they lack the time they need to do homework.    

  “Over school, I get a bunch of homework, and sometimes I don’t have the time do it,” Cunningham said.

  Junior Ethan Schomburg has a different experience. With his job at Wal-Mart, he finds it difficult to have time for much besides school and work.

  “It takes away my days after work. I can’t hang out with my friends,” Schomburg said.

  The more students work, the less time they have for schoolwork and for themselves.

  “Before I had a job, I could do homework for a couple hours and have the rest of the night to myself. Now, I get home really late, so my homework gets done later, and that affects how it gets done,” Schomburg said.

  The load of school and work can cause students to be more tired in class, have less homework time, be less social, and have less time for the selves.

  “I’m basically restricted to weekends,”Schomburg said.