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Seniors find maturity through high school journey

Freshman Angela Konopasek (1st) and senior Angela Konopasek (2nd) marked her start and finish of her high school experience through photography. Konopasek said her biggest change was in her future career goals. She wanted to become a nurse when she was younger and now she plans to become a travel agent.

 Many seniors, when they were underclassmen, used to say, “ I can’t wait for this to be over,” “I can’t wait to be done with school,” but as their final days crept up their opinions changed. 

  “Advice I would give to you would be to not take things for granted, because it really does go by quicker than you think,” Senior Jaylen McCullick said. 

  “The four years go by really fast and you don’t realize it until you are finally there, so enjoy every moment and make memories,” Senior Grace Drake said. 

  “Be kind to yourself and others. You never know what someone might be going through,” Senior Angela Konopasek said. 

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  The closer this year’s seniors get to the end of the year, the more they mature, continue to grow, and prepare for the beginning of their lives. 

  “I’ve just matured more and realized who and who not to put myself around to make me a better person!” McCullick said.

  “Maturing and growing has definitely changed the way I look at the world,” Senior Rachel Henderson said. 

  “Change has shown me that it’s okay to not have the answers. When things change it can be hard to understand why, but that’s not always a bad thing,” Konopasek said. 

  The more the seniors continue to mature from freshman to senior year, the more they realize they are changing. 

  “From freshman to senior year, I have definitely had some changes. I am more outgoing in my friendships and relationships, more social, not as shy, and more involved! Freshman year is definitely intimidating and sometimes scary. I know personally, freshman year I tried to lay low and not get in anyone’s ‘way’ when in reality I was just getting in my own way! Looking back I regret being so ‘scared’ and I wish I would have been more confident and spontaneous,” Henderson said. 

  “I feel like I’ve matured a lot from freshman year to now. I feel like I’ve become more understanding of other people and see a different perspective than I did freshman year,” McCullick said.
  I feel like I’ve changed a lot since my freshman year maturity wise, I have gotten way more mature and gained a lot more responsibility over the years,” senior Lovlie Haidusek said. 

  Many of the seniors have changed which profession they wanted to go into from freshman to senior year. 

  After high school, Henderson plans to attend State Fair Community college and receive her Surgical Technology degree. After school, she wants to go straight to work, have a family, and live life to the fullest. Her plans have only changed with the direction of her schooling, other than that, she has always been ready to get her degree, work, and have a family. 

  McCullick plans to attend State Fair for two years then switch to UCM and get her education degree, then continue school and become a speech pathologist for an elementary school. Her plans have changed from the beginning of high school to now, because she used to want to be an OBGYN.

  After high school, Haidusek plans on going to Missouri State University and studying International Business with a minor in ASL. Her plans have changed since the beginning of high school, because she originally hated the thought of college.

  Drake plans to obtain her CNA over the summer and then attend SFCC to further her education. Her plans have changed a lot, but she finally decided on majoring in Labor and Delivery. 

  After high school Konopasek plans to get her banking degree and go into travel agency. Her plans for after highschool have changed since freshman year, because she used to want to be a nurse and her degree in that career. 

  This year’s senior class has made such a big impact on the students at Warsaw High. While the 2024 class is signing out, they are off to start their new life that they are about to begin.

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