Musicians attend state contest

Over fifty vocal and band students go to state solo and small ensemble contest April 28

Musicians gather in front of the school on Wednesday, April 27 before heading to Columbia on April 28 to compete at the state solo and small ensemble contest. Fifty-four musicians qualified.

Vocal Soloists earning 1-ratings
Senior Rickie Branson
Junior Blake Broderson
Junior Brenden Dockery
Sophmore Nate Fauquier


Vocal Ensembles earning 1-ratings
Ladies 6 – Lydia Shockmann Rickie, Rickie Branson, Keyona Davis, Bridget Clarke, Kylie McRoberts, Madison Lane .
Branson SAB – Rickie Branson, Maddy McMmillin, Keyona Davis, Kylie McRoberts, Haylee Pals, David Derks, Brendon Dockery, Kolby Estes.
Lane’s SAB – Madison Lane, Makayla Mais, Ashlyn Yoder, Bridget Clarke, Keyona Davis, Nate Fauquier, Conner Wood, Rayne Faulconer.
Men’s 6 – David Derks, Brenden Dockery, Blake Broderson, Nate Fauquier, Cooner Wood, Seth Eckhoff.
Choir SAB – Haleigh Kennedy, Haven Johnson, Amber Flippin, Ranice DeWitt, Sydney Jones, William Dornan, Travis Gibson Stephen Derks.
Grobe’s SSA – Makayla Mais, Melissa Scrivener, Maddison Rozzel, Maddy Grobe, Caitlyn Easter, Cora Rodgers.


Instrumental soloists earning 1-ratings

Claudia Schmitz – Piano Solo
Nate Townley – Euphonium Solo
Claudia Schmitz – Flute Solo
Taylor Goetz – Clarinet Solo

Instrumental Ensembles earning 1-ratings

Flute Trio – Claudia Schmitz, Kylie McRoberts, and Amanda Pool