Warsaw musicians collect top district and state ratings

Record-breaking talent


Austin McCall

Warsaw High School Wildcat Choir preforms at SBU at state contest on April 15. Students who performed are: (Front row) sophomore Emily Stantorf, junior Ashlyn Yoder, seniors Lydia Schockmann, Maddy McMillin, Kylie McRoberts, sophomore David Derks, freshman Sam Andrews, sophomore Brenden Dockery, juniors Blake Broderson, Seth Eckhoff, seniors Keyona Davis, Bridget Clarke, and Raven Caswell. (Second row) seniors Sarah Easter, Rickie Branson, sophomore Mikayla, junior Makayla Mais, senior Madison Lane, sophomore Ryan Sprouse, freshman Kolby Estes, sophomore Nate Fauquier, senior Conner Wood, sophomore Naomi Meyers, junior Madi Grobe, and senior Raniece Dewitt. (Third row) freshmen Abby Frost, Alexia Young, senior Mary Porter, sophomore Willam Dornan, junior Johnathan Petesch, 8th grader Lerran Yoder, sophomore Nathaniel Rushing, freshman Colby Schwartz, sophomore Rayne Faulconer, freshmen Rylee Pals and Suzy Cortright. (Back row) Freshman Helena Givens, senior Krista Wilborn, freshman Bailey Brown, senior Travis Gibson, sophomore Dan Harris, freshman Maleek Porter, 8th graders Stephen Derks and Tyler Findley, freshman Caitlin Dudenhoffer, and 8th grader Aubrey McRoberts.

Ryan Sprouse, Staff writer

Doing well in music contests has become a tradition for Warsaw choirs and band and they did not disappoint at the district and state contests this month, breaking school records for the number of top 1-ratings for soloists and small ensembles at district and earning all 1-ratings for all of Warsaw’s vocal large ensembles and band at the state contest.

  At District solo and small ensemble on April 2, 52 vocal and instrumental musicians achieved 1 ratings.  On April 28, they plan to attend the state small ensemble and soloist contest at Mizzou.

  On April 8, the bands received 1’s in all categories at the State Large Ensemble contest at Southern Baptist University in Bolivar.

   On April 15, the Warsaw Mixed choir, Ladies Glee, Men’s Glee, and Chamber choir all came home with 1-ratings from their state large ensemble contest in Bolivar.

  Music in Warsaw is a large commitment to the students in the classes. Sometimes waking up at 5 a.m. and getting home as late as 9 p.m.

  “All of our large ensembles’ diction and also tone quality was very good and prepared; we were focused and attentive the whole time while performing and we really focused as a whole,” said sophomore Madrigal tenor Brenden Dockery said.

Dockery is a sophomore in the Madrigal choir in Warsaw. Along with Dockery, senior Bridget Clarke recognized the achievements and improvements the small ensembles and soloists did.

  “I think the groups did really well at feeling the songs. We didn’t just sing the music, we felt the music and made it musical,” Madrigal alto and second soprano Bridget Clarke said.

  The choirs have started a tradition of achieving the “1” or superior rating at contests. For the past four years, only 1s have been given in large ensembles.

  “I liked being a part of a choir with people I have sung with for many years, therefore allowing us to blend and have a good tone. Also our band and our small ensembles in band worked very hard to get where we are.” second soprano and flute senior Kylie McRoberts said.

  Band director Ben Johnson is in his seventh and final year at Warsaw. He is celebrating the best contest he’s directed yet and plans on taking his success to his new school in Harrisonville, Missouri.

  “I am proud of all the students and the entire music department. For two years in a row every large ensemble, middle school, high school, band and choir have received straight 1-ratings. This is a very significant for a 3A school. I will miss the students and families,” Johnson said.

  Million also recognized the amazing achievements that the music department did this year.

  “I am very proud of the choirs and small ensembles. I hope we can do even better and get even more 1’s next year,” Million said.