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Dual credit courses cause challenges, student struggles

Photo By: Ryan Fajen
Sophomore Brennen Slavens works hard on his dual credit class in the school library. He is currently taking Public Speaking.

  As the new semester has begun, new students started taking dual credit classes for the last half of the year, but these classes do not come without challenges and some students have found that dual credit courses, especially those online, can be a struggle.

   There are multiple classes that students take for dual credit as it provides an advanced option of learning and can help with college. 

  “Every option that SFCC offers is fair game for dual credit, except for a few specialty classes that require admittance into a program, for instance, advanced nursing. This course would be for those admitted into that nursing program,” High School Counselor Tyler Richardson said.

  Anyone can take a dual credit class if they meet the requirements and can afford the tuition. Last semester there were 47 students and this semester there are currently 43.

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  “If your family is on WIC, SNAP, etc there is a scholarship that pays tuition. If that is not an option, there is a program with the Missouri Job Center (have to be older than 16 I think) and meet certain qualifications 2.5 GPA for juniors and seniors, sophomores have to have 3.0,” Richardson also stated.

  There can be many struggles while taking an online class, especially public speaking which is a popular one. Some of the biggest struggles may include students stepping outside of their comfort zones.

    “Challenges are not being able to ask a teacher in school for help, and you do not know anybody in your class,” sophomore Brennen Slavens said. Slavens is taking dual credit public speaking. He took the class so that he didn’t have to take it in college. He is currently taking his class through State Fair Community College.

   There are many challenges, including, not having face to face contact, waiting for an email response for a question asked, and even having test proctored and having to read everything and not having lectures for those auditory learners.

   Most dual credit classes that are being taken are in the library where it is quiet and students can focus. Sophomore Brayden Henderson is currently taking Public Speaking. He also spoke about the challenges of taking a dual credit class online.

   “You have to be self motivated. There isn’t a teacher telling you that you have to do your work.” Henderson said.

  Last semester, some students struggled with taking their dual credit class, but, according to Richardson, there are options for students to recover from dual credit struggles.

   “Students can retake a college course to get a better grade. This is the only way to make it up.. So if a person failed or received a D, or any grade for that matter, they can retake that same class to get a better grade. Both classes will be on their high school transcript,” Richardson said.

  One of the biggest reasons for students taking a dual credit class is so they don’t have to take it in college.

  ”I really look forward to getting the high school credit and also so I don’t have to take it in college,” Henderson said


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