Barnwarming brings on line-dancing and games


Junior Thane Henderson and senior Zach Swiger show off their moves at Barnwarming. Henderson won Barnwarming King.

The night of Barnwarming was filled with line-dancing, member awards, coronation, games and licking chocolate off the floor.

FFA hosted its annual Barnwarming dance on Nov. 7 in the ag building.

The night started out with the Greenhand and Chapter degree ceremonies where 23 first year FFA members were awarded their Greenhand FFAdegrees and 17 members were awarded their Chapter FFA degrees. The degree ceremonies were followed by a meal and then the dance starts soon after.

Junior Thane Henderson and sophomore Samantha Thompson were Barnwarming Royalty.

“I was excited that I won, but I hurt my wrist during the games so it was painful,” said Henderson.

“I am new, so I was stoked that I won, I was really happy,” said Thompson.

Coronation took place right after candidate games, which consisted of pushing haybales, getting kissed by moms, and a relay.

“The games were the best part,” said Thompson.

“I fell and hurt my wrist, so the games were pretty painful,” said Henderson.

The Barnwarming royalty voting process is done in a way where one cannot simply win Barnwarming for being the most popular of the candidates. It takes three steps, a money vote, a ballot vote, and an interview.

“I feel that the voting is fair, except the money part where the richest kid wins,” said Henderson.

First year FFA members, also known as Greenhands, participated in the Greenhand games. In their game all of their wrists were rubber banded with the person next to them and they had to feed each other a chocolate bar with no hands and only one spoon.

“I enjoyed eating the chocolate off the floor,” said freshman King Archer. “Also, my team won.”

And before everything got going, between the degree ceremonies and the dance, there was a big meal. Every year Ag teacher Stan Adler has a pig roast to feed the people attending Barnwarming.

“The food was really good,” said freshman Cole Branson.

  “I doubted that Barnwarming would be fun,” said Branson. “But, I had a good time.”