Students Prepare for Prom

It is a long-awaited and costly night, but on April 23, months of preparation (finding the dress, the tux, planning the hair, having the manicure and pedicure) will all be revealed as students attend Warsaw’s prom.

  Prom will be held April 23, 2016 at the Weathered Wisdom Barn in Preston, MO. Students will travel by bus from WHS there and back. Roadhouse Catering will serving students a mixed garden salad with ranch dressing, grilled chicken or sirloin steak, garlic bread, mixed vegetables, and cheesecake with raspberry sauce, with the choice tea or water.

  Some big preparations are made months in advance, but some have to be made a little closer to the night.

  Some people are very different when it comes to preparing for prom. According to an article “Prom Costs How Much” from USA Today says, “one student’s grooming such as nails and fake tans can cost $25 to $100.”

  “I will be getting a spray tan, and making sure I have my nails done before the day comes,” junior Nichole Payne said.

  Students getting their hair done by a professional can also cost them a pretty penny. The USA Today article says students can spend up to $15 to $150.

  “I have a lot of hair to do, so for dances I like to have my hair done by a professional,” junior Ashlyn Yoder said.

  “I would rather have a hairdresser do my own hair,” Payne said.

  Getting ready with friends is also a very popular tradition among Warsaw High students.

  “I do get ready with friends because it’s always nice to have someone there to zip up your dress and laugh when you fall in your heels,” Yoder said.

  Some students don’t spend as long as others getting ready for the night.

  “I maybe start getting ready like an hour or two before I leave to pick up my lady,” senior Damian Adams said. “The girl definitely takes longer. Kaitlyn Laue spent literally all day last year getting ready, and still claims she wasn’t done getting ready by the time of the dance.”

  There are many events that take place on the day of prom that seem to be a ritual to many students, such as getting pictures taken.

   “I take pictures with friends and/or my date before the dance mostly at the harbor, but some are taken at my house, too,” Yoder said.

  “I probably won’t be getting professional pictures done, but I’m sure that my mom will be taking a lot of pictures of me,” Payne said.