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Artificial intelligence in education poses benefits and risks


  Artificial intelligence is something that has slowly become more common among all students, and WHS is no exception.

   “AI is a tool that can be used to help education if used properly,“ sophomore Wesley Jackson said. 

   According to Forbes Education editor Ilana Hamilton’s article, “Artificial Intelligence in Education: Teachers’ Opinions on AI in the Classroom,” Artificial Intelligence technology has long been around to help complete tasks that previously required “human cognition.” “If you’ve ever played chess against a bot, consulted a virtual assistant like Siri or Alexa or even scrolled through your social media feed, you’ve already interacted with artificial intelligence,” ( The use of AI in classrooms was brought to attention in the fall of 2022 with the release of Chat GPT, which is a language processing chatbot. 

   Whether they may use it for simply getting work done at a faster rate or any other educational purpose, students recognize that it is also easier to cheat with. 

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   “Using AI can be beneficial if used correctly. I use AI to further my knowledge of topics in an efficient way. However, I recognize that a lot of people abuse the resource and use it in an unhonorable way, ” sophomore Gracie Miller said.

   According to the Forbes article, 60% of teachers have used AI in their classrooms to improve and streamline their teaching, however teachers are most concerned with the prevalence of students cheating by “Using AI-powered essay generators to complete written assignments.”

    “Some pros are that it is helpful. If your hands are busy you can just go ‘Siri’ etc. It helps with some stuff and is relatively useful. Though I also feel like that’s all people do anymore. Phones are AI and all people do is be on their phones all the time, more time on their phones than socializing, in person, with friends and such. At least, that’s what I see a lot of. I’m not criticizing anybody. Everybody does it,”  freshman Maya Daughenbaugh said. 

    “I do not think AI should be used for school work, because it can be wrong and it does the work for you,“ freshman Jordan Dove said. 

   While it may be used to cheat, teachers have an artificial intelligence detector. This can be used to check if the students abused the use of AI. 

    “AI should be allowed in schools, especially in the coming years, because people will be leaving school only to use AI on everything. School should prepare us for the world by at least introducing students to AI,” Jackson said. 

  “Everybody freaks out about ChaptGPT and it’s doing kid’s homework for them. I personally think it’s a cool tool for education. I think in the future we will be teaching kids how to responsibly use AI. The same thing happened when the internet first came out. People freaked out about all the possibilities and bad parts. But, then our teachers taught us how to use it correctly and it has turned out pretty ok,” Daniel Waller said. 

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