Binge watching Netflix helps pass time


Binge watching streaming media, such as Netflix, has become very popular and students and faculty are addicted.

  Everyone has been talking about the newest netflix shows that are popular. There are many shows that are on Netflix that have been talked about in the hallways of school, and on social media.

  One of the most popular netflix shows right now is the Walking Dead. 29.6% percent of students said that they binge watch this show.

  American Horror Story came close to being the top most binge watched with a 27.2 percent of votes.

  Grey’s Anatomy got 19.8 percent of the votes, The 100 got 9.2 percent, Orange Is The New  Black got 18.3 percent, Friends got 16 percent, and Bates Motel got 8.4 percent. 42.7 percent of votes were other tv shows that students watch.

  “I binge watch Netflix because on the days we have off, I don’t have anything to do, I also really like leverage,” sophomore Colter Hetherington said.

  Students tend to binge watch Netflix when they have nothing else to do, or when they are bored.

  “I binge watch Netflix because it’s something to do when I’m bored. I like the shows that I watch because they’re interesting enough to keep me watching them for hours,” sophomore Cody Wilson said.

  “I used to live in Green Ridge. There was literally nothing to do up there. So I started watching Doctor Who.” senior Skylar Blake said. “I like all those shows because they’re actually written well and have good attention to detail.”

  Students say that when they start a show that is really good that it’s hard to stop watching.

  “I binge watch because once I start a show it’s very hard to stop watching. I like the comedy in the shows that I watch,” senior Taylor Goetz said.