Students eager for Homecoming festivities to begin


Spirits are high as students and faculty celebrate wildcat pride at the 2014 Homecoming. Many festivities are underway with a travel theme planned for the week. The theme for Homecoming this year is travel. The spirit days are Tourist Day, African Safari Day, Mexico Day, USA Day, and Color War Day.

Spirit week is one of the ways WHS gets ready for the big Homecoming game.

“Its fun to dress up and when you’re having fun, the day goes by faster and people are happy and that makes for a more hyped environment,” junior Craig Dewitt said.

“Travel is a unique way to show school spirit through different cultures around the world,” Student Council Sponsor Jenny Green said.

The point system is a new way to get more students involved and a way to create school spirit. There are different categories to win the points, as they are posted on the board by the girls bathroom.

The class with the most points receives the opportunity to duct tape a teacher to a pole. Seniors have Randy Luebbert, juniors have Brian Hrabe, sophomores have Nathan Hopkins, and freshmen have Dustin Daniels.

While Homecoming approaches, students are looking forward to the football game and dance.

“I expect to have fun,” junior Devon Perish said.

“My favorite part of Homecoming is how the whole community comes out, win or lose, just to support us,” senior Michael Bryson said.

Student Council has set up a big day for Homecoming.

Students will be able to build their class float Friday, October 3. Float builders will have a barbeque at noon.

The Homecoming parade will be held on main street after school at 3:40pm, to show all the hard work each class has done for their float.

The assembly will be held outside in the football stadium, where there will be games and a performance done by the cheerleaders.

Homecoming coronation is held during halftime of the football game. The dance will be held after the game until 11 o’clock.