Newell, Brown shoot at state archery competition


Kaylee Moody

Sophomore Lee Newell shoots at Tan-Tar-A in Osage Beach. Newell ranked as a group 2 individual with a score of 266.

High school sophomore Lee Newell and middle school seventh grader Bradley Brown qualified and participated in the state archery shoot at Tan-Tar-A resort in Osage Beach on March 18 and 19.

  Newell ranked in the individual group 2 with a state score of 266. Newell was ranked 29th tenth grade boy, 122 high school boy, and 230 overall boys.

  Brown ranked in the individual group 1 with a state score of 280. Brown was ranked fourth seventh grade boy, 17th middle school boy, and 51st overall boys.

  The high school state qualifying cut off score was 274 and Newell qualified with a score of 277 in Lincoln. The middle school state cut off score was 269; Brown qualified with a score of 284.

  Newell was always two to three points shy of getting the score that would qualify.

  “I was lucky to get in,” Newell said.

  There were a certain amount of spots that people could fill at state. Newell scored high enough that he was able to obtain a spot.

  The bows the team use have to meet the regulations set upon them. They cannot have more than a 20 pound draw and nothing can be attached to the bow but the arrow rest.

  “I was a little disappointed that we didn’t qualify as a team,” archery coach Jackie Downing said. The team qualified last year but came within nine points of qualifying for state this year.

  Newell shot at 4:30 on the 18th.

   “I tried my best, but it didn’t work out.” Newell said. “But, on the bright side, I had fun doing it.”

  Freshman Allison Thomas was not very far off from qualifying for state. She received a score of 269 at the district shoot.

  Thomas has goals for next season. She would like to qualify for state and in order to do that she is going to do her best to improve.

  “I need to improve on being more focused and not let little things bother me,” Thomas said.