Seniors reflect back on high school seasons


Photo by Mykal Albers

Seniors stand with their parents as they get introduced for their last home game of their high school career. Starting from the left: Seniors Devon Parish, Bob Hensley, Terrence Conness, and Andrew Bozarth.

  As another football season came to an end, the seniors looked back on their high school football career.

  Most of the seniors have played together since the seventh grade. They have become a family; they have become brothers. Being in the weight room and on the field everyday is what makes the team. As the team becomes stronger, the players become closer.

  “The seniors have shown great leadership by being out in the weight room and being ready to practice on the field every day, and being ready every Friday night for a football game. The seniors have shown the younger guys what it takes to be a good leader and a strong player,” coach Paul Thomas said.

  As the seniors had their final game on Oct. 23 at Mt. Grove, many of the guys expressed that they will miss playing.

  “I will miss having games every Friday night,” senior wide receiver/cornerback Bob Hensley said.

  “The team dinners we used to have as a team, and being goofy at the restaurants are something that we will miss; we used to have a lot of fun,” seniors running back/safety  Austin Steenburgen and cornerback/safety Damian Adams said. “Last year we broke an ice cream machine at one of the dinners.”

  “I will miss my brothers, the guys who have taught me so much, who I have played with forever,” said senior running back/free safety Andrew Bozarth.

  The seniors have had lot of great memories with the team.

  “Senior night has to be one of my favorite memories because it was one of my last moments with my brothers,” senior wide receiver/cornerback Devon Parish said.

  Senior night was on Sept. 11 against Versailles with a loss on 46-14. After that, they fell to California, 0-36.

  Seniors have made memories beyond the 2015 season.

 “I will never forget the weird tackle that I made against Blair Oaks last year,” Hensley said.

  “My favorite memories are just being able to play on the field with my friends,” Bozarth said.

  Senior Terrence Conness said that respect and trust is a big thing in football.

  Playing with the same people for so long taught the guys how to trust, respect each other and to forgive when the time is needed. They learned how to help each other, how to boost someone’s attitude when they were down.  

  “Nothing is just given to you, you have to work for it,” Steenburgen said.

  “I always try to be a leader to someone who doesn’t know as much, I try to help them as much as I can,” senior slotback/linebacker Trevor Surrell said.

  “Football has taught me to never give up. If you want something, go for it,” Parish said.

  The seniors consider themselves a family now because they have worked together for so long. They have built up their leadership skills, they have built up their work ethic. They have built up each other.

  “‘Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten,’” Adams quoted from Lilo and Stitch movie.