Students reveal creativity with ugly Christmas sweaters

Madi Grobe holding up her trophy for 1st place in the ugly sweater contest

  In the spirit of ugly Christmas sweater parties that are popular this time of year, students will most likely once again be wearing their best version of this tacky trend on Friday, Dec. 16, the last day of classes before holiday break.

  Last year, students participated in an ugly sweater contest. Senior Madi Grobe won the contest with her tinsel adorned Darth Vader Santa sweater. Junior Drew Dawson was a finalist. She altered a “Walking Dead” t shirt with tinsel and lights and dressed the zombie on the front of the shirt like Santa Claus.

     Madi Grobe believes that you should make it as horrendous as possible.

   “If you think there is too much on it, just try and put even more; by making it ugly you just try to get as much Christmas items on it as you can put on there,” she said.

  Student Council sponsor Jenny Greene said she loves seeing everyone dress up for the Christmas assembly, but mainly because she loves Christmas, it’s her favorite time of year. Decorating or finding an ugly sweater can be kind of difficult, but Greene says

  “Being a creative person, I would love to see the students decorate it themselves. It is always neat to see what they can come up with,” Greene said.

 Tacky fashion lovers don’t have to look far to find many ideas for ugly Christmas sweaters. Pinterest has quite a few ideas, from using tinsel, lights and ornaments, to christmas candy and wrapping decorations.

  Sophomore Autumn Long said she got together with some friends to make ugly Christmas sweaters with bells attached. She also used pipe cleaners to make a Christmas tree.

  “I used cotton balls to make a snowman,” said freshman Lexi Schindlbeck. She said she used glue and fabric and googly eyes.

According to Ashlyn Yoder “When making an ugly sweater I just walk around Walmart or wherever and collect things I think I could put on my sweater.” Also Yoder said that you could have your parents or pinterest to help you out. “To make a good ugly sweater make it unique and the best way to get things to stay on your sweater is to first glue it, and then sow it on.”