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First date experiences are important to developing relationships

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Senior Autum Walton and boyfriend Dakota Stienhoff went ice skating. They have been together for four years. Imagine that!

  Whether it was their first date ever, or just the first date of a long-term relationship, these first impressions are very important to individuals looking for their match. 

    There are all kinds of experiences that people go through on first dates, from funny to miserable.

   “I went on a double date with one of my friends for a first date and my friends and her didn’t want to talk so we sat there and barely talked while I was the only one eating because they didn’t even want to eat. Probably the most stupid thing I ever agreed to,” Junior Logan Gemes siad.

   “I went on a blind date a long time ago and the guy was like a gangster, very disrespectful and he was probably 5’3. Traumatizing,” senior Angela Konopask said. 

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  Konopask and Gemes have been a couple for over a year. Konopasek even remembers what she wore to her first date with Gemes. “We went to my sister’s place in Warsaw on my and Logan’s first date to a bonfire,” Angela Konoposak said. 

   “I wore a cute little flannel, with leggings and converse,” Konapask said. 

   Girls say it really matters what they wear on that specific date because it is their first impression.  

   Senior Autum Walton and graduate Dakota Steinhoff have been together for five years. Walton said her first date with Dakota was very casual. She wore a pink shirt and jeans. 

   Walton said, because they were so young when they started dating, their first date was a dinner at Mallard’s chaperoned by Dakota’s father.

   “His dad and I talked more than Dakota and I did,” senior Autumn Walton said. 

  Social Studies teacher Nathan Copling and Maggie Copling have been together for 10 years and he remembers his first date with her.

   “We went to Starbucks. I wore slate gray slacks with a green sweater vest and a green-striped white dress shirt; she wore a pair of jeans with a Lowe’s-themed t-shirt and a large red overcoat. I ordered a peppermint mocha latte and she ordered hot chocolate,” Copling said.

   Journalism teacher Amanda Adler also had chaperones on her first date with her husband. They met on a blind date.

   “I remember exactly where we sat at El Camino when we met for lunch. I have no idea what I wore or what I ate, but I will never forget how we just naturally fell into conversation and felt so comfortable together. I was so into our conversation that I didn’t realize that two of my sisters and my brother-in-law were secretly spying on us. I discovered this when I had to excuse myself to use the restroom. I pretended like I didn’t know them. Stan didn’t know they spied on our first date until much later,” she said.

   Superintendent Scott Gemes and his wife, Julie, had their first date while they were still students at WHS. They have been married for 27 years.

   Scott Gemes says, while he doesn’t remember much from his first date with his future wife, he does remember she told him she didn’t want flowers because she can’t keep them alive.

  “I actually get in trouble for getting her flowers rather than clothing,” Gemes said.  


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