Eighth graders prepare to transition into more challenging environment

Ryan Sprouse, Staff writer

While stepping through those double doors that separate the high school from the middle school is not a huge physical move, for those making the transition to high school, it is a major step both educationally and socially.. Many issues middle schoolers face while transitioning is more homework, more responsibility, and due dates.

  Some students are very focused on their grades.

  “Grades are important because if you want to go to college and be successful, you need to maintain them,” high school counselor Laura Cooke said.

  Students also transition into high school extracurricular activities and must juggle practice schedules with academic responsibilities.

  “I’ve had troubles with my grades in the past. Also, I need to worry about football practice and games,” said eighth grader Tanner Wolford.

  Other eighth graders like Aniston McMillen don’t plan on making any preparations for their high school transition.

  “My preparations for high school are the same preparations as for tests, very quick and to the point. I always want to do good on tests.” McMillen said.

  Attendance is very important for all students and high school success is dependant on it.

  According to adlit.org, “Each additional percentage point increase in attendance decreases the odds of repeating 9th grade by 5%.”

  One of the new rules in Warsaw High is 90 percent attendance is required throughout all of high school in order to walk at graduation senior year.

  Eighth grader Aubrianna Umlauf chooses to focus on attendance as well as the social aspect.

  “I am most worried about being bullied or failing. Other than that, I am completely ready for the transition,” Umlauf said.

  Dr. Eric Findley, principal of JBMS, has overseen these eighth graders all through middle school.

  “Our teachers prepare the students to take high school classes. We do not teach them to be ready, that is their job,” Findley said.

  Though the transition to high school can be stressful and exhausting, the new upcoming freshman of 16-17’ are ready to dive into their adventure of high school.