Staff keeps school operating beyond the classroom

Whether it is being on the front lines of the school in the office, offering students chicken nuggets or a corn dog, driving a school bus, or keeping the building clean, many caring individuals work very hard outside of the classroom to keep the school running and to make a positive difference in the lives of students.

 High school secretary Latricia Sharp, cook Ashley Dankert, and assistant district superintendent Tim Thomas  are just a few of the people dealing with the day-to-day operations of the school and its students.

  Latricia Sharp is one of our secretaries that can find in the office. Sharp has been working at the high school for two years. Some things that people may not know about being a secretary would be how much they really help out the school and how much they help the students and even the parents.

        Some of the funniest things that happen in the office are the stories that can not be told. They can be what you call the secrets of the office. When it comes to Sharp the best part about being a secretary is being with the kids and being able to help. But one of the worst things about the job is seeing all the hurt throughout the people that they see each day. Some of Sharps hobbies are being with kids at football.

       The typical day in the office isn’t like any other job that requires a desk and a computer, the typical days here are always different, the situation is always changing.

  “You can earn a living anywhere but what truly counts is if you are able to change lives with what you do,” Secretary Latricia Sharp said.

  Tim Thomas is the district assistant superintendent and also is a bus driver. Thomas has been in the superintendent’s office for five years, he only does bus driving for fun. His job consists of overseeing any work done in the school.

  “There are some good days and there are some bad days,”  Thomas said.

  One thing that people may not know about Tim Thomas is that he likes to do Taxidermy.

  Thomas said the best part about his job would be watching the kids grow up and become smarter as they learn more and more, but one of the worst part is when kids make bad decisions and you want to help but you can’t.

 Ashley Dankert is the head cook in the high school. She has been working there for six years. Dankert became a cook because this job would mean that she could be with her kids and it matched her schedule so she decided that this would be a nice job to have. Dankert said she enjoys her job as the head cook, but is challenged by the many rules and regulations the kitchen staff must follow.

  Dankert said the best part of her job is being around the students, but the worst thing is not being able to feed the students what they want all of the time due to following food regulations. Her hobbies would consist of her kids and their sports, gardening, and cooking. “Stay in school,” Dankert said.

  Jeff Reed is a custodian at warsaw high school. Reed has been working here for one year, before he became a custodian he coached for a little bit of everything in Kansas City, Missouri. He is an avid outdoors man like bird hunting and tournament fishing.

Reed retired in 2011 and  moved because his brother had been diagnosed with lose body dementia. He then worked for Maples Ford, for three years then was laid off in the spring. From there he worked as a custodian for walmart 2 months before the schooled called him. The best part about being a custodian at Warsaw High School is working with the great staff.

  Eddeie Retherford is a custodian at Warsaw High School as of September 23, 2015 was his first day, He is currently learning the ropes working outside mostly. His hobbies are being an outdoorsman, farming hay, and cutting firewood. They way he got into this job was because there was an ad in the benton county newspaper and so far enjoys his job.

This has been behind the scenes of warsaw High School.