Technology enhances the experience of getting into shape


Various methods have been used over the years by people who are wanting to be more active and get into shape. Technology is one of the most popular trends that can now enhance that.

As improvements in technology have been made, the trending Fitbit and other various apps are available in order to track every part of a persons day- activity, exercise, food, weight, and sleep.

A few teachers here at Warsaw High are giving the Fitbit’s a try for themselves.

“I decided to buy a Fitbit to be more active and cognoscente of my physical activity during the day,” math teacher Jowell Roellig said.

A variety of Fitbit products are available, as some can do more than others, such as connect to a mobile device, and track sleeping patterns.

“I like the visual reminder, and I use the app to log exercise, food, and water,” computer teacher Bethany Siegel said.

In addition to the “cool” and “convenient” features that the Fitbit offers, overall improvements to health have been made as well.

“It’s a lot easier to keep track of things such as my steps, how long I exercise for, and the calories I burn,” senior Riley Karr.

Another wristwatch device such as the Garmin has very similar features as the Fitbit.

“It allows me to call my phone if I can’t find it and it checks my messages,” art teacher Jennifer Greene said.

Other products such as the mobile apps Fitness Pal and Calorie Counter have a few of the same features that the Fitbit includes.

“I use the Walking Mate app. It tracks how many steps I take, and I’m able to enter the food that I ate that day,” junior Edith Patton said.

Although having a fitbit on the participants wrist can track their heartbeat, walk count, and other things, an app on a mobile device could potentially do the same tasks as well for a lower, even free price.