Passion for music inspires junior to hard work and leadership

Junior Alyson Alcantara prepares to direct at a fall marching competition. Alcantara was one of two drum majors.

  It didn’t take long for new band teacher Matthew Tilus to recognize the talent and passion junior Alyson Alcantara has for music and playing the trumpet. 

   “She is clearly a leader but also has great talent on the trumpet,Tilus said. Junior Alyson Alcantara is passionate about the trumpet. 

   Alcantara has learned that getting good and continuing to get good at something take much dedication.

    “As cliche as it sounds, practice makes perfect. One who works hard trumps talent. I also took trumpet lessons when I was in middle school,” Alcantara said.

   Students join bands, sports, or clubs for many reasons. Alcantara joined because of the influence of her sister. 

    “I joined the band mainly because of my sister. She seemed like she really liked it, and I wanted to be able to produce music in a group,” Alcantara said.

   Alcantara said her sister was her idol.

   “I look up to my sister. She was a phenomenal flute player and incredibly gifted in music. She also worked hard and practiced frequently, which paid off in the form of gold state medals and awards,” Alcantara said. 

   Alcantara is a very involved student.

    “I believe Alyson balances her extracurricular activities and her time with friends and family well,junior Hannah Wooldridge said 

   Alcantara found a desire to play the trumpet and be a part of the band’s spirit and she has helped cheer on Wildcat teams through her involvement in the band. 

   “I love the band because of the people in it. It really does feel like one big family at times, and I have some great memories filled with music and laughter,” Alcantara said. 

   Alcantara sees music as being a part of her future even after high school. 

    “I plan on joining a band in college, as music has always been a highlight in my high school career. Music will always be a key element in my life and that will never change, whether it’s conducting the band, or simply singing along to tunes in a car,“ Alcantara said.