Junior enjoys return to school after two years online


Denver Frace

Junior Perrie Judd works on her English homework in library on Feb. 22. Judd is thankful to be back in person this semester.

With being in the middle of the pandemic, Warsaw High has tried to adjust to it as much as possible by offering online school to students who feel that they would be more comfortable with online learning. Many students came back to in person school from online school. Perrie Judd, a junior at Warsaw High was one of those students.
“I did online school for two years, in the second semester of my freshman year I started doing online school, then all of sophomore year and first semester of junior year,” junior Perrie Judd said.
Online school had affected Judd in some negative ways. It got in the way of things she enjoyed.
“When I did online school it restricted me from doing the things I loved, such as band and socializing,” Judd said.
Not only did Perrie feel the negative effects, many of her friends did as well.
“With Perrie doing online school it was a lot different type of atmosphere in the school without her,” junior Faith Tharaldson said.
“Perrie is always friendly with everyone she meets so it was different when she wasn’t in school and not able to socialize with everyone,” junior George Montez said.
Not only did online school affect her socially, it also affected her academically.
“One of the most challenging things was the amount of coursework given in one day. It was not too bad besides the math classes were not the easiest, only because there was not much help from the teacher unlike the help you receive in person at school. My grades at the beginning of junior year were also not the best,” Judd said.
Although some things didn’t work out the best, there were also many good things that happened for her.
“Launch was an adjustment, but it went pretty well for the most part. During sophomore year, my grades were better than in person,” Judd said.
After Perrie spent some time doing online school, she finally got to come back to in person schooling.
“I returned because my whole family got the COVID vaccine. They felt like it was safe enough to go back in person,” Judd said. “ Hopefully, with the COVID rates spiking we won’t have to go back to online school, even though it was not the worst thing, it was just not for me.”
Perrie had some advice for people seeking online schooling.
“I would recommend online school to someone who is only taking one or two classes instead of all seven. I think they’re manageable as long as you don’t have too many, “ Judd said.