School makes improvements and plans for future building work


photo by Maria Miranda

Junior Lydia Schockmann enters the school through the new set of doors. The new doors cost $87,000 for all five sites.

Zach Swiger, Staff Writer

As the district makes improvements to school safety issues, including the new security entrances in all five buildings and the new stage curtains, even more improvements are being planned, such as fixing some heating, cooling, and plumbing problems.

“We have new security doors in all five buildings, new stage curtains, upgraded and new technology equipment, new tables and chairs in several classrooms,” said principal Randy Luebbert.

The school board has hired McKinstry, a building improvement company, to look at the heating, cooling, and plumbing issues in the building.

“We are currently looking at improving the heating and cooling, and also plumbing issues at the high school,” said superintendent Scott Downing. “We will be constantly looking at ways to improve our facilities as the budget allows.”

The school district’s budget provides funds for the school to use on working with improving the quality of the buildings

For all five sites, the new entrances cost around $87,000, the new curtains cost $8,136.

The ultimate goal of all the new building improvements is to make a safer, more comfortable workplace for students and staff.

“Safety is our biggest concern, the new doors add an extra layer of security, adding a window for transactions so people do not need to enter the building, this provides increased safety for staff and students,” said Downing.

“The curtains had been ripped and torn over the years, and according to the curtain installers, were no longer fireproof,” said Luebbert “They also were full of dust and debris, and some pieces were missing.”

“I think anytime you make things better, make things safer, and create a better environment it raises the morale of both staff and students,” said Luebbert.

Along with the new security doors, the south school office also is getting moved to location more towards the entrance of the building. Also, the high school office is going through some changes, students will now enter and exit the office through what used to be assistant principal Billy Daleske’s office which is now the new mail room. Daleske, Principal Luebbert and Special Services Director Bill Wood have changed offices to accommodate the new entrance. Also, the counter in the office has been moved allowing office staff access to the window.

Regardless of what the improvements are, the school district will constantly be studying and looking for new ways to improve the buildings. Luebbert was hopeful that the high school would get new lockers.

“The new lockers have been put on hold by the school board until a full audit of the facilities is completed,” said Luebbert. “There is a limited amount of funding so we want to see what all needs to be fixed and what the cost will be before they move forward.”

“People need to get used to the idea that the school will always change,” said junior Rickie Branson.

Some students have their own opinions on improvements the school should make.

“I would like to see the school get new lockers,” said freshman David Derks.

“I think the school should improve the water fountains,” said junior Rickie Branson.