Student participate in annual deer season

Sophomore Brennan Bell and her buck.

Kalee Schietzelt , Staff Writer


This year has been a hard season for the hunters of Warsaw. Not a lot of people saw many deer, but there were a few lucky students who got a deer this season.

Senior Dusten Sanders got a doe this season

“I shot her in the head and she just fell over,” says Sanders.

Students also had a lot of family members who harvested deer in the season.

“My family got 11 bucks,” said freshman Ryan Sprouse.

After the end of opening weekend for firearm season a total of 1,375 deer were harvested in Benton County, according to the Department of Conservation.

Many students who didn’t get to harvest a deer for the season got really close to getting one.

“There was a really big buck, and I went to grab my gun, shot, and missed. Usually you only see one deer a year. I missed my one chance,” said sophomore Frank McMillin.

There may not have been a lot of deer harvested this season, but students still had a fun time while they were hunting with their friends and family and made memories in the process.

“Our tree stand fell over while we were hunting,” said freshman Ryan Burks.

By the end of the firearm season there were a total of 2,391 deer that were harvested.

  For students who still qualify for youth season there is one more chance for them to get a deer during youth weekend that will take place the first weekend of this coming January.