Girls push to improve for exciting basketball season

Kalee Schietzelt , Staff Writer

The girls basketball team is off to an early start for the upcoming season. The girls have been working together to accomplish  goals that have been set for the upcoming season.

“I want the girls to get better, close the gap from where we were last season, to improve physically, mentally, and fundamentally. We want to compete,”  Coach Cody Morgan said.

To prepare for the upcoming season  the team has been working on plays, running, dribbling, shooting, working together as a team, defense, offense, and free throws.

The girls as individuals have also been setting goals for themselves on what they want to improve on throughout the year.

“I would like to improve on my shooting, and I will do so by practicing my form all the time,”  senior Jessica Kuykendall said.

Strategies for achieving goals throughout the season come into play as the girls want to be successful.

“I’m going to push myself past the limit,” junior Kylie McRoberts said.

Expectations are set high for the team this year as they jump into a new season.

“I expect the girls to have great effort and positive attitude,” Morgan said.

The girls have been working  hard to get prepared for the new and upcoming season this year.