Groups show support for breast cancer awareness during October

Pep club participates in pink out during the Oct. 22 football game against the Buffalo Bison

As the month of October approached, breast cancer awareness and “pink out” became a focus for school athletic activities. Students, athletes, and staff all supported and participated in the events that related to breast cancer awareness.
Each sports team had their own way of showing their support.
The Ladycats Volleyball team played against the Sherwood Marksmen at home for their pink out game.
“We had pink jerseys, the libero had black jersey with a pink number. We also wore pink ribbons, pink bandannas, and a sign was made for the pep club to hold up,” freshman libero Keira Mostaffa said.
“Besides dressing out for our volleyball game, we also decorated the gym with pink and white balloons and streamers. When people walked in the door they also had the chance to write down the name of someone they ‘fight for’,” junior setter Ellie Murrell said.
The football and cheer team, as well as the band had their pink out on Oct. 22 against the Buffalo Bison.
“The football team showed our support by using pink wraps for the players who need their wrist or ankle wrapped,” sophomore middle linebacker Riley Taylor said.
“The band wore pink plumes and pink gloves,” senior snare drum player Alan Landsberg said.
“Cheerleaders wore pink bows and booster club shirts,” sophomore flyer Karlie Nelson said.
Pep Club participated during both volleyball and the football game pink out night.
“During the football game, I dressed out in as much pink as I had, including a pink shirt, pink socks and pink bandannas on my arms and legs,” junior Abi Feltrop said.
“For the volleyball pink out game, I wore a pink t-shirt and a pink bandanna,” sophomore Tylan Williams said.
Athletes have their own reasoning as to why the month of October and pink out is important to them.
“My grandma had cancer and so I tried to wear as much pink as possible all season to support her and everything she has been through,” junior Cameron Seevers said.
“It is very important to me, that I show as much support as I can during this time because my mom had breast cancer two years ago and so did my great aunt,” Mostaffa said.
While people are going through this rough time in their lives it is always important to show that they have so much support behind them.
“It’s important to support people going through this because you never know if someone needs that extra motivation to push through,” Taylor said.
“It’s important because those people are so strong and they deserve to be honored for their fight,” Nelson said.