Students look forward to summer travel, relaxation and making money

With summer comes the freedom from schoolwork and many students have chosen to take advantage of this free time to travel the country and, for some, the world.
“I’ll be going to Florida, Pennsylvania, and Cambridge in England,” freshman Tylan Williams said. “I’ll be in Florida with my aunt in Port Charlotte then I’ll fly to Pennsylvania with a friend I met during quarantine and from there I will fly to England to see another friend and stay with their family who I haven’t seen in a while.”
“I’m gonna take trips to different states to go to riding parks for dirt bikes,” freshman Giovanni Sabella said. “I’m excited to go riding at the parks and spending time with friends. I’m also going to be able drive this summer which I’m really excited for. I think the best part of my summer is going to be when I hang out with Denver, that’s going to be so fun!”
“I am going to California in May,” sophomore Jazzmyn Swisher said. “It’s not super big, but I’m super excited because we haven’t been able to do anything lately.”
“I am looking forward to going on vacation with our family friends and the adventure of going on a cruise,” sophomore Ellie Murrell said. “This is a major vacation because we are going on a cruise with people we enjoy being with and this is a time where we have no worries and can have fun.”
Some people have less extravagant plans and intend to spend their summer in Warsaw, pursuing a summer job or just hanging out with their friends.
“[My plans are] just staying in Warsaw, gonna be hanging out with friends, or just exploring outside and swimming,” freshman Megan Martinez said.
“Over the summer, I plan to keep working at Sonic. I have the plan in my head to work 20-30 hour weeks in hopes of saving up so I can support myself during my first semester of college,” senior Haley Dwyer said. “This year has been pretty tough for me so I’m trying to take it as easy as I can.”
In between their different plans, these students would also like to set aside time to focus on themselves.
“Some goals I tend to work on are sports and getting better [at them],” Swisher said.
“I am intending to be able to relax and enjoy the little things in life,” Murrell said.
“[My goal is] getting better at football and spending most of the time I’m not on vacation in the weight room,” Williams said. “I’m really excited to play football again and be under those Friday night lights.”