Students visit the past during 36th annual town-wide event

Junior Kamryn Yach takes her bus ticket and brochure before her trip to the Visitor’s Center for Heritage Days. Yach has gone to nearly every Heritage Days event since she was in elementary school. “My best memory from Heritage Days would have to be performing on the stage for K-Kids,” Yach said. “This year I loved seeing the volunteers doing all of the different events – like firing the canon or just walking around in the old-timey clothes.”

To Warsaw locals, Heritage Days serves as a remembrance and celebration of the past. Between October 21-22, visitors were offered the opportunity to explore shops filled with homemade toys, decorations, soaps, and much more with the participation of vendors scattered throughout Drake Harbor and Kaysinger Bluff (Truman Dam Visitor’s Center). This event also offered visitors the chance to eat a range of foods varying from carnival snacks to meals with cornbread, soup, and homemade apple cider. While Drake Harbor featured many vendors, Kaysinger Bluff showcased activities such as basket weaving, spoon carving, candy making, log hewing and live music. Admission into Drake Harbor is free, but the bus ticket to the Truman Dam Visitor’s Center ranged from seven dollars for those aged 13+, four dollars for those between the ages of six and twelve, and free for those below the age of five.