Homecoming Spirit Week 2017

Students show school spirit during Homecoming week

The junior class competes for “loudest class” at the Homecoming assembly. They won the contest.

Spirit was high the week of September 26 – 29 for 2017 Homecoming.

“This was one of the best Homecomings we have had in a long time!” STUCO sponsor Jennifer Greene said.

Homecoming came down to points this year. Juniors won by ten points leaving the seniors shocked. Juniors left history teacher Jared Steenbergen duct taped to the goalpost and displayed for everyone.

“It was funny watching the guys wrap Steenburgen up and watching him struggle,” junior Alli Thomas said.

Although juniors won, the seniors put up a fight and won the float building contest. The senior float shown a house being approached by a tornado along the yellow brick road to Emerald City.

“We worked really hard this homecoming, and we deserved to win.  We put a lot of work and money into the float, and the thought that went into it helped us to win,” senior Caitlin Easter said.

The theme this Homecoming was No Place Like Home. Each spirit week day was assigned a dress up day: Tornado Tuesday, Witch and wizard Wednesday, Toto Thursday, and Color war Friday. Each day was given a female and a male winner.

“The Student Council Members voted on it at the beginning of school and No Place Like Homecoming was a great theme that everyone could relate to,” Greene said.

  • Tuesday’s male winner was sophomore Lerran Yoder and female was sophomore Aubrie McRoberts
  • Wednesday’s male winner was senior Jaden Schepker and female was senior Madison Rozzel
  • Thursday’s male winner was junior Matt Luebbert and female sophomore Kiersten Grobe
  • Friday’s male winner was junior Blaine Fleury and female junior Kamryn Yach

“It felt good to win because I worked so hard,” Yach said.

Faculty believe this was a very successful homecoming.

“Homecoming was a huge success this year.  Attendance at the game was the best I have seen in years. Students seemed to have fun all week,” pep club adviser and English teacher Tricia Foster said.