Students admit to sometimes being distracted by technology

  That dreaded notification noise always grabs a student’s attention during class.

  “If a notification pops up it has my attention,” senior Chance Adams said.

  Some students admit to being distracted by technology whether it’s gaming, texting, or just surfing the web. This can affect the way students learn in the classroom as well as their work ethic outside of the classroom.

“It is sometimes very frustrating when a student is spending time on Google chat rather than being engaged in my lesson, but I see it as more of a classroom discipline issue rather than a problem with the technology,” English teacher Amanda Adler said.

  However, very few students polled in a recent poll report always being distracted by technology to the point of not getting tasks done at home or at school. On a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being not at all and 5 being always, 30.2 percent of students ranked social media distraction at a 3 and only 4.2 percent ranked it at a 5. Most students polled reported not being overly distracted by texting, 31 percent of them reported not being distracted by texting at all. Only 19.8 percent of students polled reported computer and phone games as a distraction some of the time (ranking it at a 3). Only 4.2 percent reported always being distracted by games. Surfing the web distracted 26 percent of students polled sometimes.

“We should make phones less available like how teachers have the phone daycare system to limit the distractions” Senior Nathan Townley said.

  The most distracting technology tasks were social media and web surfing according to the poll.

  History teacher Nathan Parker said technology distractions sometimes make learning more difficult. It can be hard to keep grades if a student is distracted

  “It can be hard to retain information that the students learn,” History teacher Nathan Parker said.

  “It slows down the process of teaching and it’s not just one person, it’s normally multiple people,” Parker said.

  Distractions are not just in the classroom either. Students use technology at home as well whether it’s watching TV or playing video games.

  “Games on my phone is the main distraction for me at home, I don’t get my work done when it needs done.” sophomore Kyle Cook said.

  There is always technology available, no matter where students are at.

  Even though technology distracts students, teachers still use computers in the classroom.

  “I still use computers in the classroom because they are great learning tools, they allow students to have access to the internet and the innovative in science progress and how it happens.” said science teacher David See.

  Other students using technology can be a distraction. Many students said they don’t get distracted by other students using technology.

  “Technology doesn’t distract me when someone else is using their phone,” senior Nathan Townley said.

  Teachers catch students on games and other things that they shouldn’t be on all the time.

   “I catch kids on unblocked games all the time,It concerns me because they won’t be able to retain what I’m trying to teach them.” Parker said

  Teachers are trying to limit the amount of technology distractions in the classroom.

“I tell students not to do it and walk around to make sure they stay on task.” Parker said.

“I walk around the room and make sure that the kids are not messing around on something they shouldn’t be on and on task,” See said.