Three seniors to continue sports passion in college


Garrett Smith

Senior Kylie McRoberts signed to play softball at Drury University.

Jordan Plybon, Staff Writer

   Throughout high school, students try to find their passions and what they want to pursue in college. Three seniors found that passion in sports and have signed to play for a college. Seniors Taylor Goetz, Kylie McRoberts, and Kaitlyn Laue all signed to play different sports at two separate colleges.

    Goetz signed to play college volleyball at Central Methodist University in Fayette on January 15.

  ¨I think they chose me because I am a beast at volleyball and they need more players,” Goetz said.

  There are many things Goetz is looking forward to about playing college ball, but especially getting to continue to be competitive with the sport she loves.

     “I am looking forward to getting to continue playing volleyball out of high school and into my college life,” Goetz said.

  “Taylor’s characteristics that I think will help her play college volleyball are that she has strong self discipline, good work ethic, and strives to always be the best,” volleyball coach Shelly Hodges said.

  While Goetz is looking forward to playing college volleyball, she also has many other feelings about it as well.

  ¨I am nervous because I will be playing with new people and a new team,” Goetz said.

  Goetz will also be majoring in psychology and will be playing in the band while at CMU.

   McRoberts signed to play softball for Drury University on Thursday, March 10.

  “I chose Drury because as soon as I stepped foot on campus, I knew that it was where I wanted to spend the next four years of my life,” McRoberts said.

  There are many factors that will help McRoberts be a good college softball player.

  “In softball Kylie is willing to work hard and put in the time and effort it takes to get better. Kylie’s determination will allow her to go far, in softball and in life,” softball coach Kenzie Daleske said.

 McRoberts has received numerous awards for her softball achievements. She has received first team academic all state,  second team all region, first team all district, and second team all conference her junior and senior years, Offensive Player of the Year her sophomore through senior years, and lettered as a varsity starter all four years on the softball team. She was named female athlete of the year her junior year and has also received MVP of competitive tournament games during her career.

  While at Drury, McRoberts will be getting her degree in Secondary Education and Mathematics.

   McRoberts and Daleske both have positive feelings towards her signing.

  “I am extremely proud of Kylie. I can’t wait to watch her play softball at a college level,” Daleske said.

  “I am super excited about college softball because softball is literally my life. It has taught me so many valuable life lessons throughout the years,” McRoberts said.

  Laue also signed to Central Methodist University in Fayette to be a part of the basketball team.

  ¨I decided to sign to CMU because I was going there anyways for their nursing program and had no intentions of playing basketball, but then the coach saw that I was interested in it, so she contacted me about playing,” Laue said.

  Laue has mixed feelings of excitement and nerves about playing college ball.

  ¨I am excited to meet new people and play a game I love since I was not able to play it due to my health, though I am extremely nervous because I have not played in a while,” Laue said, ¨Although it took a lot to think about because I haven’t played in so long; I’m glad I did it.¨