Students enjoy favorite recreational spots in Warsaw

Ally Estes, Staff Writer

  Warmer days mean more opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and Warsaw’s many recreational spots and teens are among those frequenting these places.

  Among Warsaw’s many parks, most Warsaw teens favor the city’s Drake Harbor. In a recent survey, students were  asked what recreational spots they found themselves frequenting most. The options provided were all recreational spots that the city of Warsaw owns, leases, and/or maintains. Of the 15 choices provided, Drake Harbor had the most votes. Eighty-eight students altogether were polled, and over half chose Drake Harbor as one of their favorite recreational spots to attend hosted events and spend their leisure.

 “My favorite recreational place is the Harbor. It’s been there ever since I moved here. I guess you could say it’s a monumental place of Warsaw,” freshman Kinsten Cunningham said.

  The Harbor, the most popular recreation in the poll, is more commonly known for hosting events throughout all seasons. The Harbor loop is approximately three quarters of a mile, and is usually decorated with various boats throughout the summer. The Harbor also offers a playground, horseshoe pits, picnic areas along the water, access to fishing areas, boat ramps, boat slips, and a recently-installed amphitheater.

  The city pool is also another teen hot spot, but only in the summer months.

  “My favorite place is the pool. It kind of sucks that it only lasts throughout the summer,” freshman Emily Engebretsen said, “We need something for the winter; like maybe an indoor pool. Somewhere we can be inside and stay warm.”

  Warsaw’s current municipal pool was first established and opened for visitors in the summer of 2015. It was remade after the original pool had to be closed down.

  “The first pool had a major leak that could not be fixed. We were constantly putting water into the pool,” pool manager Ally Richardson said, “That pool was torn out and the current Warsaw Municipal Pool was built on top of where the old pool was.”

  The pool offers all kinds of activities to all group ages, including: swimming lessons, both group and private; water aerobics; family swim, and lap swim. This is in addition to pool parties and any special events the pool hosts.

  The Warsaw Parks Department has many recreational spots to look after within Warsaw. They work hard on keeping all parks clean for children and young teens to enjoy. These parks include Rotary Park, Drake Harbor and recreation area, Light Plant Park, MK White Park, Warsaw Skate Park, Truman Lake Mountain Bike Park, Lay Park, and Bledsoe Ferry Sports Complex.

  “Lay Park is one of my favorites because I like to swim and they have swings outside in the picnic area and swinging is fun,” sophomore Molly Baumhoff said.

  Osage Trail, Bledsoe Ferry Trail, and Kickapoo Island Trail are all recreational spots that are maintained by the City of Warsaw. Most of the aforementioned trails lead into camping and fishing trails, and are also surrounded by nature as well as other recreational activities.

  “My Favorite is the Bledsoe Ferry Trail because it’s always a good place to go after school and relax,” freshman Brenna Smith said. “I walk on the trails with my family almost every week.”  

  The Community Building is a large two-story stone building with a full basement. It was originally built in 1936, but was largely renovated in the 1960’s to add more restrooms and a kitchen facility. The building is used now for various events such as weddings, receptions of all types, reunions, auctions, dances, dinners, etc.

  “I like the community center (building) because of the basketball court and they offer multiple things for you to do,” freshman Ethan Schaumburg said.

  Warsaw offers many different recreational spots for teens and young adults to enjoy. From the various trails throughout town to the Frisbee Golf Course at White Park, there’s plenty of room for summer activities to take place.

  “For a small community such as Warsaw, there has been a great deal of growth over the past several years. We are looking forward to continued progress,” Parks and Recreation director Susan Cooner said. “Warsaw has a lot to offer families as well as people who are traveling or just looking to spend a fun weekend away. Get out and enjoy everything there is to do!”