Five teachers and coaches announce departure


Autumn Rhea , Staff Writer

  Over the summer, the high school will lose five teachers. The band director and marching band director, Ben Johnson, wrestling, baseball coach and math teacher, David Hawks, government teacher Derald Henderson, science teacher, basketball and baseball coach Jason Ollison, and government and world history teacher Debbie Easley will leave WHS.

  “They will be greatly missed and they are super people,” principal Randy Luebbert said    

 Hawks plans are to take the same job as a math teacher in his hometown in Nevada. He still plans on coaching in Nevada also. Hawks has been a teacher for two years now, and both years were spent at Warsaw High School. Hawks won’t leave Warsaw without missing it, though.

  “I will miss the kids I have coached, and the students I have taught the most,” Hawks said.

  “My biggest accomplishment from working here is the relationships that I built with the students,” Hawks said. Hawks plans on finishing the rest of the school year, and his last year as a Warsaw High teacher, strong.

  “I’ll miss Hawks because he inspires people to do their best, and to not be normal,” freshman Alex Long said.

  Science teacher Jason Ollison has been teaching for 14 years he has spent this last year teaching at Warsaw. He has worked at St. Elizabeth, Stover, and Greenridge. Ollison is now moving to Versailles for a better opportunity for his family, so he can be around them more often. Ollison will be coaching boys basketball and baseball, and will be teaching middle school I.S.S.

  “At all the schools I leave, I miss the athletes and students,” Ollison said.

  “I will miss working with the faculty and staff here, they are great people,” Ollison said.

   Government teacher Derald Henderson is moving to Stockton after two years of being a teacher at Warsaw. Henderson is moving to be the varsity basketball coach for boys, and to be by his family in the district.

  “Basketball won’t be the same without coach Henderson. He made basketball fun,” junior Anthony Beuke said.

  “Next year we will have to adapt to another new coach,” Beuke said.

  Henderson plans on finishing the year on a high note, and prepare for the EOC’s, with the material the class has been working on all year.  

  Band Director Ben Johnson is moving to Harrisonville because of an opportunity that was in Harrisonville. Johnson has taught band 11 years, four years he spent teaching at Fairplay, the other seven he was teaching at Warsaw. Johnson is the band director of both high school band, and middle school band. Johnson will truly be missed by his students,

  “Johnson has been my favorite teacher since sixth grade,” junior Thomas Reffett said.

  “Johnson is funny, and makes the band better,” freshman Blaine Fleury said.

  Johnson wants to finish the year positively and to perform well. There are some things that Johnson will miss about Warsaw school.  

  “I will miss the band students and band families,” Johnson said.

  Government, and world history teacher Debbie Easley has been a teacher for 25 years, all 25 years spent at Warsaw, and she is now retiring due to health reasons.

  Easley plans to finish the school year out and get as much teaching in as she can, because she loves teaching so much. Easley has had many accomplishments as a teacher, and always puts her students first.

  “My biggest accomplishment is registering students to vote,” Easley said.

  “I will miss my students the most when I retire.” Easley said. Although so many teachers are leaving, there will be new teachers, and new opportunities.

  “People come and go, this is normal for teachers to leave.” Luebbert said.