Students maintain respectful spirit in pep club

Ally Estes, Staff Writer

Students cheering  and chanting in the pep club section at games try to keep a respectful attitude while having fun. What are the guidelines for cheering on your team? Warsaw High school students give their advice on how to be a good fan.

  “The best way for students to cheer is to be loud and proud,” freshman Brandi Hubert said. “But they should cheer at the right times, and be involved. (They should) show up to games and cheer their butts off.

  Pep Club faculty sponsor, Tricia Foster, believes that anyone can be in Pep Club and it’s all about supporting your classmates.

  “I love going to games to cheer on my students. I enjoy sports and encouraging my students in events outside the classroom,” Foster said.

  “I like the school spirit in Pep Club because most of the time we don’t have much school spirit. In Pep Club it’s like we’re all friends,” freshman Jessie Glenn said.

 Students say pep club is a fun activity because supporting others helps lift everyone’s spirit. They also try to remain respectful by changing certain chants and deciding what is/isn’t appropriate when cheering.

   “Students should not yell negative things about the other team or the officials. We should always conduct ourselves in a classy and respectful manner,” Foster said.

“Students shouldn’t curse or be disrespectful in any way, because that would give the school a bad reputation,” said Hubert.

   “A good idea for students to cheer while remaining respectful is to make the chants funny. When there’s humor in it people find it harder to be offended. It’s easier and more laid back. But if you say it seriously people get offended easily,” said Glenn.

  “What I like about Pep Club is the adrenaline rush it gives me. I don’t know, it’s just the excitement. It’s exciting,” freshman Rylee Pals said, “and I love the cute little chants. But the chants shouldn’t ever be directly insulting. You should just cheer as loud as you can and give your team the energy it needs to win.”

  “I love cheering on our teams and seeing student support each other,” junior Ashlyn Yoder said. “Students definitely should not be rude to the officials, visiting fans, or the opposing teams. Doing these things makes Warsaw look immature and not at all respectful. I want visiting parents and fans to know we mean business when we cheer but respect us at the same time,” Yoder said.