Kansas City Royals “crowned,” students and faculty celebrate


Ryan Sprouse, Staff Writer

The Royals win the World Series! Something the “boys in blue” haven’t heard since 1985 when they defeated the St. Louis Cardinals in game seven. Thirty years later they finally did it again. With their second World Series win, the franchise of 46 years is still holding strong.

  On November 3, all of the Royals fans all over the country came together in Kansas City to celebrate their victory. An estimate of 800,000 people were at the parade at the time. Many students and teachers from Warsaw High School were at the parade.

  For freshman Taylor Bunch, being a Royals fan is something that runs in her blood. Even when they weren’t having the best season, she would still root for them.

  “I’ve been a Royals fan all of my life. I can’t wait for next season,” Bunch said.

  Another lifelong Royals fan is sophomore Owen Howard, who was upset he could not attend the parade.  

  “I’ve been to about ten Royals’ games. I grew up in Kansas City and loved the team the first game I watched of them,” Howard said. “I really wanted to go to the parade. It would’ve been an amazing experience.”

  Math teacher Amy Spunaugle was able to attend the phenomenon in Kansas City.

  “I had promised my kids that when the Royals won the World Series I would take them to the parade, so the girls and I went. The experience was incredible. It was a sea of blue everywhere,” Spunaugle said.

  Spunaugle will never forget the experience that November 3 had to offer.

  “The experience at the parade and pep rally was amazing. It was full of energy, loud, and fun.      The players were amazing and very appreciative of the love their fans showed. I hope to be there   again next year,” Spunaugle said.

  Some major things happened during this World Series against the Mets that will make history. The first game of the World Series the teams played for 14 innings, but in result the Royals outlasted the Mets 5-4. The series only went to game five where the Royals won games one, two, three, and five.

  History was made this year for the Royals who finally took the crown after a long dry spell. Many World Series are yet to come. The franchise hopes to repeat this year with a stellar performance.