Students remember creative Halloween costumes

Destiny Lee, Staff Writer

Halloween tends to be a famously celebrated holiday, said to be loved by everyone. Dressing up as something other than themselves seems to appeal to people. It makes some people feel like they can be anything.

  “I love Halloween. You can dress up and you are able to be whatever you want,” senior Travis Gibson said.

  This year, he plans to dress up as one of the masked killers from the movie The Purge.

  “When I was little, every year I wanted to be a swordsman. I got to pretend I was a knight in shining armour, on a quest to save the princess,” Gibson said.

   “I love Halloween because you can get into costume,” said sophomore Katie Rieman. “My favorite Halloween memory would be last year, when I got to go around in costume. I went as “Vriska” from Homestuck to the Rocky Horror Picture Show. While I was there, I dumped rice in this guy’s hair and ran out of the building,” Rieman said.

  “This one year I was the green Powerpuff girl and my cousins were the other two,” said sophomore Mariah Ethridge. “I remember one year,my brother and I walked into a house and this scarecrow jumped out. My brother ran down the driveway screaming,” Ethridge said.

  It is said that Halloween can make people feel less insecure, and more comfortable to be outgoing and to be themselves.

  “Something about dressing up as a demon or a ghoul just lets people be free. They don’t have to worry about being judged because how they look doesn’t matter,” Gibson said.

   “It can help bring people more out of their shell and be THEM on Halloween,” junior Johna Newman said.

  However, there are some who disagree with the fact that people feel more like themselves on Halloween. They think the reasons for liking Halloween are slightly more shallow.

   “They’re just happy about the candy or the skimpy dresses,” said Rieman.

  There are others who aren’t that big of a fan of this holiday, because of the fact that bad things can happen.

  “Bad things happen on Halloween because kids stay out late. Halloween isn’t the same as it used to be,” Newman said.