Students participate in spirit week

Seniors Alexis Lamont, Ciera Drake, Kristen McMillin, Keyona Davis, Craig Dewitt, Johnathan Plybon, and Jayce Chenault participate in their last year of homecoming. Seniors war color was black.

Brenna Smith, Staff writer

Spirit week was held Sept. 8- Sept.11. The first day of spirit week was Vacation Day, the winners were seniors Madison Lane and Thane Henderson. Hippie Day was Wednesday, Sept.9, the winners were seniors Shyla Estes and Michael Kephart. The third day of spirit week was Character day, the winners were sophomore Katie Rieman and junior Hunter Bagley. The Last day of spirit week was color war day, the freshman class color was green, sophomore grey, juniors white, and seniors black. The winners of color war day were freshman Abby Foster and senior John Hargrave.