Seniors leave behind good memories


Maria Miranda

Classmates take a selfie on the senior bench. They include Michael Bryson, Josh Pacheco, Bradley Hoover, Jarrett Gibson, Tyler Lynch, Chris Cook, Marshall Wilson, Amber Gillham, Tristen Weiser, Even Engebresten, Jacob Pacheco, Jessecah Jennings, Kyle Goodsell, Melissa Pierce, Jessie Kuykendall, Sara Soles, Megan Brown, Brooklyn Spencer, Jordan Johnson, Ryan Todd, Luke Spry, Bailey Jelinek, Joey Cooner, Jake Freeman, Alex Letcher, Tyler Dority, Julie Franklin, Briar Collins, Randall Sherman, Austin Dillon and Riley Karr.

Zach Swiger, Staff Writer

As graduation approaches, the school looks upon the senior class for the legacy they will leave. The seniors have done many things in the school, and had many good times, as a result of all of those good experiences the legacy to be left by the class of 2015 is all the memories that this class has built up over the past year.

“The thing that our class will leave is the memories in the minds of all of the people in our school,” said senior Preston Hammond.

“We have had tons of fun times with our classmates as well as all of the younger people in our school,” said senior Zach Long.

Through the last school year the class of 2015 has compiled many memories, from working together as a class through spirit week, to hanging out with their friends the memories the seniors will leave behind will be long lasting in the minds of the school.

“I like that the seniors came together at our first pep assembly of the year and showed more spirit that one day than we have ever shown before,” said senior Riley Karr.

“My best memory of senior year was when our class worked together and won the Courtwarming spirit week by showing school spirit and cooperation,” said senior Briar Collins.

As the senior class prepares to graduate, even the younger students are impacted by the seniors.

“The seniors on the baseball team were fun, I enjoyed hanging out with them,” said sophomore Hunter Bagley.

“Pep club will not be the same with the seniors gone,” said junior Thane Henderson.

“The seniors are a really fun group they make me laugh, and they are very kind,” said sophomore Frank McMillin. “I will miss them.”