Seniors give parting advice

Seniors Bailey Jelinek and Jordan Johnson take a selfie at a home basketball game. Both students actively participated in pep club.

Riley Karr, Staff Writer

As the year comes to a close and students prepare to advance, there are some things that the graduating senior class would like to pass on to the underclassmen to make their high school experience better. While the seniors may just be starting to get real life experience, they have plenty of high school experience and would like to help others to have a great high school career.

Seniors Joey Cooner, Luke Spry, and Briar Collins, think that underclassmen should make sure that they get all of their core classes done, such as their math, English, and science classes.

“My senior year I took a lot college classes, and hung out with my friends a lot, I think that this helped to make a memorable senior year,” said Cooner.

There were many online college classes that seniors took this year, including english Composition I and II and American History. By taking college classes, seniors were able earn college credit while still in high school.

“Make sure that you have fun and enjoy high school while it lasts because it goes by fast,” said Spry “While I was in high school I did everything I could, like participating in every school event that I could and always making time to hang out with my friends.”

“While I think that you need to be involved with as much as you can you need to make sure that you aren’t overloading yourself and taking on more than you can handle,” said Collins.

Many seniors think that in order to have  a memorable senior year that students should be involved in the school, while getting their work done, and hanging out with friends. While this may seem like a lot to keep in balance, it will make high school memorable.