Wrestlers break records

Riley Karr, Staff writer

Record breaking season

This season there has been two wrestlers to break school records. Senior Marshall Wilson broke the record for the most career wins, and freshman Dallas Larsen broke the record for the most wins in a single season.

Wrestling coach Billy Daleske is very glad to have both boys break records this year.

“It was very special to have these two guys on the same team, Marshall has had an outstanding career as a wrestler at WHS and dallas has had a fantastic freshman year, he worked hard every day and the record is a byproduct of that hard work,” said Daleske.

Wilson broke the record previously set by John Steenburgen at 127 career wins. At the start of this week, Wilson has 134 career wins.

“Breaking this record was my biggest motivation to wrestle,” said Wilson.

Dallas Larsen broke a record previously set by his older brother, Austin Larsen. The record was set by Austin Larsen his senior year, and was 41 wins in a single year. Dallas Larsen currently has 45 season wins.

“I was thrilled when I broke the record, I want to break every record that my brother set,” said Dallas Larsen.

When asked what his brother Austin Larsen thought about no longer holding the record Dallas Larsen replied “he was happy that it was me who broke it but he did not like that his record was not going to be the one on the wall anymore.”