Student enters 2,000-point club

Makayla Mais, Staff Writer

During the annual Conway Tournament, with a screaming pep-club, senior guard Randall Sherman hit the 2,000 mark for his overall career points.

Sherman scored his two-thousandth point during the first quarter of the championship game against Conway, where the team took second place. Sherman has started on the varsity team since the beginning of his freshman year.

Head boys basketball coach Jared Wallace, and athletic director Billy Daleske explained their pride in Sherman’s achievement.

“I would be proud even if he never scored a point. He’s a good person,” Wallace said. “I’m more proud because of who he is as a person, but happy for him because he’s a good basketball player.”

“I am very proud of Randall for reaching the 2,000 point mark in his career. It is a milestone that is seldom reached during a high school basketball career,” Daleske said. “It is a testament to his work ethic and dedication throughout high school to achieve this.”

Sherman described how hard he has worked.

“I’ve had to work really hard for the past four years, but I was fortunate to have the opportunity to be healthy enough to play each year,” Sherman said.

For a high school player, 2,000 points is a lot to score throughout their high school career. Wallace described how Sherman has developed as a player throughout his basketball career to get the total points that he has reached.

“He’s a lot more athletic, a more multi-dimensional offense player, and he’s a solid defensive player in the perimeter and inside,” Wallace said.

Sherman broke the high school career scoring record. This record was previously set by 1951 graduate Ed Scott.

“It feels really good to achieve this goal, because not many people ever get the chance or have scored 2,000 points,” Sherman said.

“Randall is the all time scorer in school history,” Wallace said. “There’s not many guys who’ve done it. It’s a lot for a high school basketball player.”

Sherman’s teammates are very proud of him, and all agree that he earned it.

Sherman was awarded for his achievement during senior night on Tuesday, Feb. 17.