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Giving and Receiving

Students plan for 2023 gift requests and purchases

   As Christmas is approaching, many students are requesting gifts and purchasing gifts. They have made Christmas lists for families and planned what to get friends and family. Secret Santa also tends to be very popular around this time of year. But students also have to consider their budget.

   Many students have requested similar Christmas gifts this year, the top two most wanted gifts this holiday season according to a survey of 58 students, were Tasman Uggs and the iPhone 15. Other gifts requested were clothes, jewelry, and a weighted blanket.

   Sophomore Tanna Howe claims she wants Tasman Uggs because, “they are comfy, trendy, and cute.”

   Freshmen Bailey Burnworth and Emma Taylor claim to want Tasman Uggs because they are comfortable.

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   Sophomore Mya Taylor claims to want the iPhone 15 because, “my old iPhone got stolen from me and now I want a new one.”

   Junior Josh Bunch claims to want the iPhone 15 because, “I just want a new phone.”

   Although some students requested gifts as a want, many other students have more meaningful requests for this Christmas season. 

   Sophomore Kimberely Tenold has a simple, easy, and meaningful want this holiday season: “A text Christmas morning from my family, friends, and hopefully my crush. That’s my main wants for this year.” 

   Senior Aaron Andrews requested the most peaceful and simple gift this year, “I just want more than three hours of sleep.”

   Many students are giving gifts out to their friends and family as well, trying to find something kind and thoughtful.

   According to the survey, 46.6% of students shop online for Christmas gifts this year, while 3.4% claim to not be getting anything for anyone on Christmas. 24.1% of students said they will be spending $100+ on Christmas gifts this year. 

   Burnworth has a plan in mind for giving her family and friends gifts. 

   “I will get my family what they want/need and my friends are being gifted our friendship,” she said. 

   Taylor has a plan set out as well.  “I will be getting my family hoodies and my friends money,” she said.

   Tenold plans for gifts this year are big as well. “I plan to get my best friend canvas wall hanging decor positivity sign, candy, 365 quotes and poems about friendship for each day we’ve been friends, a stress toy and a handwritten note. I am getting my crush a drink, some candy, a stress toy, a LED candle light, a glass rose, and some poems and quotes,” she said.

   Secret Santa tends to be popular around this time of year with many different types of groups gathering to draw names to play “Secret Santa.” Buying gifts for secret Santa while still maintaining a good budget is what most try to do. 

   “Handmade gifts, candy or snacks, a hat or beanie for the cold, car accessories, or hair clips,” could be good secret Santa gifts, Tenold said. 

    “Mugs, blankets, and candy,” could be good Secret Santa gift ideas, senior Hunter Collins said. 

   Sophomores Shaelynn Ward, Mya Taylor, Adison Sherrill, and juniors Kendall Bagley, Haylee Cobb, and Logan Gemes all said a good spending budget for secret Santa is ten to fifteen dollars.

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