Students remember snacks before COVID and miss them


Sophomore Reece Maxwell enjoys his third hour snack. Maxwell claims these are his favorite to bring.

   Before COVID, many students may remember the district giving out snacks during the seventh hour of the school day. Even though it’s been a few years since then, some students still miss having their afternoon snack. 

   “Snacks during the seventh hour was like heaven for me, everything about it made me love the day and I love eating so, of course, I miss it,” senior Jayson Roberts said. 

   Some students think they were taken away for a valid reason. 

   “I believe they were taken away for the better only because some kids took it for granted, and a lot of snacks would go to waste,” freshman Jessie Bilderback said. 

    Some believe that snacks were a benefit to the students in many different ways. A popular reason is that they gave fuel to students who had sports or afterschool activities such as football or basketball. It gave them a chance to eat something before having to practice on an empty stomach. 

   “I felt the snacks were a nice pick-me-up after a long day, especially if I forgot my own snacks,” junior Olivia Strange said.

   There were favorite snacks to be had. The most favorite snacks were the strawberries. There were always a variety of snacks to be given, and were different throughout the week. Most of the time the options were granola bars, apples, crackers, fruit snacks, cheese sticks and many more. 

   “My favorite snack was probably those strawberry things they had. I can’t exactly remember what they were but they were the best the school had,” Roberts said.

   Some students may not have the best home life, or the best financial status to eat very much at home. So they look forward to having meals at school and getting the most out of all the free foods they can get. 

   A lot of students may be wondering why they got taken away in the first place.

    “It was a government program that quit happening. Staff here has tried a couple of different ways to get it back in the works, and it just hasn’t happened,” guidance Counselor Tyler Richardson said. 

   After COVID, the funding that paid for the snacks to be available dried up, and they weren’t able to continue providing the snacks for students. Since the snacks have been discontinued for now, students brought their own from home if they’re available.

    “I often bring trail mix, granola bars, or an assortment of fruit such as strawberries, banana slices, little oranges,” Bilderback said. 

   “I do bring my own snacks, I like to bring granola bars, small bags of chips, gold fish, just easy snacks to grab and go,” Strange said.