Students musicians take the solo spotlight at the annual showstoppers concert


Brenden Baldwin sings “Say Something”by A Great Big World.

Dracie Davidson, Staff writer

The Showstoppers experience this year for many students may have seemed nerve racking, as new soloists had to become comfortable with singing in front of an audience, Tuesday November 4.

“My experience was good but nerveracking because there were a lot of people watching me but I still had fun with it,” sophomore Haleigh Kennedy said. Kennedy sang “American Honey” by Lady Antebellum.

“It was scary at first and I didn’t want to look at anyone, but then I got into the song,” junior Shyla Estes said.

Some of the soloist took the courage to perform for the first time to face their fears.

Junior Madison Lane faced her fears by performing her song  “The Scientist” by Coldplay for the audience.

“The experience was super fun because I got to perform for people, this was my first time singing a solo ever, so I was really nervous,” Lane said.

Shyla Estes did something a little different this year while performing, she sang “Dancing In The Sky” while doing sign language.

“I got attached to the way the song feels,” Estes said.

Conner Wood wowed everyone his first year at WHS as he performed his solo “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” by The Script.

“It was overwhelming at first, but it was pretty cool mainly because I haven’t done anything like it before,” junior Conner Wood said.

Brenden Baldwin played the piano while singing “Say Something,” by A Great Big World.

“It was very emotional for me personally with the song I was doing,” Baldwin said.

These were only few of the many soloist from this year’s biggest vocal performance to date.