WHS celebrates Super Bowl Courtwarming

The Courtwarming royalty celebrates after coronation. They included, juniors Dylan Elmer, Josephine Kelsey, Zane Huffman, Olivia Strange, princess Charlotte Alspaugh, prince Elliot Kowal, 2022 Queen Nora McMillin, 2022 king Gavin Cunningham, king Logan Schockmann, queen Ashley Spry, seniors Cohen Walton, Abigail Dendish, Karly McKenna and Landon Boggs.

The 2023 Courtwarming week took on a theme of Super Bowl 57 as WHS celebrated the basketball tradition the week before the Kansas City Chiefs took on the Philadelphia Eagles, Feb. 7-10. 

   There was a series of dress up days, a boys and girls basketball game, coronation, and afterwards a dance held in the high school cafeteria. The theme originally was Candyland, but, after the Chiefs won the AFC conference championship, it was quickly changed to celebrate the Chiefs going to the Super Bowl. 

   “My favorite dress up day was to dress up as your favorite player or coach, because I dressed up as Andy Reid. I dressed up for every day,” candidate senior Ashley Spry said. 

   “I participated in the “Chiefs Gear” day; I’d say that was my favorite!” candidate junior Charlotte Alspaugh said. 

   Coronation took place in the high school gym on Feb. 10th. Previous king and queen winners Gavin Cunningham and Nora McMillin made a return to Warsaw High to crown the new king and queen. The prince candidates were juniors Dylan Elmer, Zane Huffman, and Elliot Kowal. The princess candidates were juniors Josephine Kelsey, Olivia Strange, and Charlotte Alspaugh. The king candidates were seniors Logan Schockman, Coehen Walton, and Taylor Banner. The queen candidates were seniors Ashley Spry, Abigail Dendish, and Karly McKenna. Students voted Friday Feb. 10 and after all the votes were in, Elliot Kowal and Charlotte Alspaugh took prince and princess while Logan Schockman and Ashley Spry took king and queen.

  “I really didn’t know who would win, I feel like all of us had a fair chance,” Alspaugh said.

  “I fully expected to win because I’m very confident in myself and my abilities,” Kowal said.