WHS students consider their pets family

Sophomore Sarah Gilbert and her kitten.

 Pets are a big source of happiness in Warsaw High School students’ lives. Pets can help calm people when they are stressed, and generally bring more enjoyment to lives. 

   “If it’s been a pretty bad day and I come home to my family, including my pets, they just make my day better,” junior Sarah Gilbert said.

   “My pets bring me a lot of joy everyday because I just love them,” senior Ashyln Laue said.

   Being close with your pets can lead to them being a big part of everyday life. Even possibly considering them part of the family.

   “I feel like if you cannot treat your pet as a part of your family, you shouldn’t have one,” Gilbert said.

   “My pets and I are very close and I consider them a part of my family,” senior Tayten Boyer said.

   “I love my pets, they’re the cutest, but we have too many. I have 3 cats, Bean, Stripes and Fluff and I have two dogs, Boone and Biscuit,” Laue said.

   Having a pet comes with a lot of responsibilities and they often require attention.

   “My relationship with my pet is good. I play with my dog a lot and pet her but it is never enough for her,” Logan Shockman said.

   Some students like to take their pets everywhere with them.

   “Sebastian is old so he doesn’t really do much anymore but Gus goes to work with me everyday on the farm,” Boyer said.

   How students acquire their pets can add so much to the meaning and story of why they got them.

   “All of my pets are rescues, except for Biscuit, which is really great to me. My family loves saving animals,” Laue said.

   “My pets bring me a lot of joy everyday because I just love them,” Laue said.
  Pets can impact students lives extremely by bringing support into everyday life.

   “My pets and I are very close,” Boyer said.

   “My relationship with my pet is very strong,” Gilbert said.