Students search for paths that do not involve college


As the 2022 school year is coming to an end, seniors are beginning to feel stress arise as they are entering the stage of “adulthood.” Throughout the year, WHS staff have done their best to prepare students for college, but they are aware that college is not the path for all graduates.
Some may think college is essential to a successful life, but in reality, students can do many things without a degree.
“I do not think that in order to be successful you have to attend college. I think hard work, showing up on time, and passing drug screenings are three of the big things employers are looking for. College can help, but work experience is just about as important,” high school counselor Tyler Richardson said.
“I don’t believe college is necessary in order to be successful. I think it is a nice progression into adulthood, but I also believe that it is a path you should carefully consider. College is a life choice just as any other: life choices should be made on a situational basis. If you don’t have a plan, then you should consider college until you do,” senior Jana Prokhor said.
“There are many successful people who do not attend college. I do think college opens doors that may not be there without a degree. With that being said, hard work and showing up to a job opens many doors too,” math teacher Amy Spunaugle said.
Students have found different routes after high school, but may still see college in their future.
“If I plan on going to college after I graduate, it would be anything healthcare related. As of right now after high school, I plan on trying to get hired at the Warsaw Police Department or Camdenton Police Department or trying to get a certification in Phlebotomy and working at a nearby hospital,” Prokhor said.
“I do not plan on going to college yet. I plan on working with my mom for a local law office in the meantime, then get hired in the agriculture field,” senior Devin Hawley said.
Some students are a little afraid about the ‘unknown’ after graduation.
“I think the scariest thing for me after I graduate is not having a solid plan and feeling like I am ‘behind’ in life,” Prokhor said.
“I think that the scariest thing for me is that I don’t know what I want to do yet,” Hawley said.
Warsaw held their very first job fair on April 6. They chose to do this as a chance to give the students an opportunity to see jobs that don’t involve going to college. Some registered vendors included Benton County 9-1-1, U.S Army Corps of Engineers, Warsaw Health and Rehab and many more. Students also had and still have the opportunity to seek information from the Missouri Job Center, which has free resources and classes that will help with finding a job.
Staff who have been through the process of making a “plan” throughout life were willing to share some advice to the class of 2022.
“I did not know exactly what I wanted to do when I graduated either, but I suggest making some plans. Going through life with no plans or goals can be scary! It creates anxiety, because there is no direction in one’s life. So making goals, even if they do not work out, will provide purpose and direction. Which builds confidence and confidence breeds success,” Richardson said.
“I have been told that an average person has 12 jobs in their lifetime. I hope you find one you love,” Spunaugle said.