Students show interest in robotics team for next year

 A new club has made its appearance in WHS. Science teacher Daniel Waller and several students are teaming up for robotics. 

   “We’re starting it (robotics team) because it’s a great opportunity for our kids and community,” Waller said.

   Waller and his members attended a robotics competition on April 2 in Sedalia. They went to the competition to see what robotics competitions were like. 

 “Competition looks to be very competitive but at the same time fun and energetic,” freshman Marissa Ricke said. 

   So far, members are developing their own thoughts from watching the competition.
  “I think that it looks like a really fun club where you would have a lot of fun learning change and ways to make better or new friendships,” freshman Hazel Thompson said. 

   One difficulty the robotics team will have to overcome is in funding, causing some major fundraising to be done. 

   “It is really expensive,” Waller said. “For the main competition alone, there’s a $5,000 entry fee.”

  The robotic team so far has nine students interested in it. They are hoping for more students to show interest in robotics for next year. 

   “I think if people actually saw what it was about and went to a few meetings, a lot of people would show up” Thompson said

  The students are also planning for robotics in many ways. 

   “I’m planning for next year by trying to get my grades up and being more invested in it” freshman Tatum Boul said.